What do I have to configure in my account in order to get access to the API (PROD and OT&E) environment?

After your Trademark Agent account has been verified and you have received your credentials for the production environment, you need to request your credentials for the OT&E environment. You can do this by creating a ticket in our dedicated Customer Support System, either by clicking on "GET SUPPORT" on the TMCH interface or by sending an email to support[at]trademark-clearinghouse[dot]com. After receiving your credentials for the OT&E environment, you need to whitelist your IP address in order to access both environments.

The procedure is the same for production and OT&E environment but must be performed on both environments:

  • Sign in to the environment where you wish to add or update the IP address;
  • Select "My account";
  • Select "API settings";
  • Enter the IP address you wish to whitelist (IPv4);
  • Select "Update API Settings".
  • Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes before the IP address is whitelisted.



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