TMCH portal Enhancements

Dear TMCH Partners,

We are thrilled to announce some significant enhancements to our portal, designed to offer you a more tailored experience.

Introduction of the Verification Certificate


The TMCH has introduced the Verification Certificate, which is now available for each trademark record with a valid SMD file. Trademark agents and holders can now download this certificate, serving as tangible proof of a fully verified trademark at the Trademark Clearinghouse. The certificate can be downloaded from the ‘Service’ section on the Mark details page or the ‘Services’ tab under the ‘SMD Files/Verification Certificates’ button

Services Overview Revamp

Description: The structure of the 'Services' page for the agents and holders interface has been updated. The changes are outlined below:

  • The previous 'STANDARD SERVICES' page has been renamed to 'NOTIFICATION MANAGEMENT,' clearly indicating its focus on managing notification settings for TMCH services (Sunrise, Claims, and Ongoing).
  • With the introduction of the Verification Certificate, a new page titled 'SMD FILES / VERIFICATION CERTIFICATES' has been added. Clients can now download SMD files and Verification Certificates for trademark records that have fulfilled the requirements.
  • The 'COPY NORN TO HOLDER' page, available only to Trademark Agents, will remain unchanged.
  • The 'TREx Services' section has been removed from the interface.
  • Modifications to the new account registration page

    On the registration page, there are new changes regarding the account types and updated pricing. The categories are now represented as follows:

  • Agent (Gold)
  • Agent (Silver)
  • Holder
  • Holder (Prepay)
  • We encourage you to explore these updates. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out by sending an email to support[at]trademark-clearinghouse[dot]com.

    Best regards,

    The TMCH Team