Reasons to record your marks in the Trademark Clearinghouse

1. ONE submission for ALL services on ALL new gTLDs

You only need to record your mark ONCE in the Trademark Clearinghouse to benefit from both the Sunrise Services and the Claims Notification Services. Subscription in the Trademark Clearinghouse is based on annual fees which cover access to all Sunrise Periods active in that period and all Notifications triggered in that period.


2. Priority Registration in all new gTLDs

Every new gTLD offering public registrations is required to run a so-called Sunrise Period. During this period of minimum 30 days Trademarks recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse have priority in registration ahead of wider public availability.


3. Ongoing Notifications

When a certain label becomes available for wider registration by a 3rd party the Claims Notification Service will monitor all registrations, informing the applying registrant of a match with the mark in the Trademark Clearinghouse and after completion of said registration inform the corresponding trademark holder. With the Ongoing Notifications activated (included in the Claim Services) you will be notified for any domain which is activated matching your trademarks regardless of the 90-day Claims Period required by ICANN.


4. Professional Support

The Trademark Clearinghouse works closely with the more than 180 official agents who can easily assist you in submitting your marks in the Trademark Clearinghouse and consult you on how to assess new Sunrise Periods or Claim Notifications.