Trademark Agent

Trademark Agents are entities or individuals that act on behalf of Trademark Holders in order to submit and maintain their Trademark Records. As a Trademark Agent, you will receive the notifications for your Trademark Holders about the sunrise services or trademark claims services.


  • Earn Status Points for every registration or renewal of a trademark record. The more Status Points you collect, the bigger the discount you get.
  • Your company is listed on our Official Agent page, so trademark holders can immediately contact you.
  • Receive free customized branded marketing material, such as video animations and brochures, in the language of your choice.
  • An account manager is assigned to you, for all questions during and after submission of the trademark records
  • Exclusive access to our online webinars, so you're up to date on the recent evolutions.

More information can be found on our specific Frequently Asked Questions page.


Fill out the Trademark Agent application on our secured website.
Check the box "Agent" for your preferred Agent account.

The Clearinghouse will now check:

  • if you or your company does not appear on the Specially Designated Nationals list (SDN list)
  • your VAT number if applicable.

If step 2 was successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, containing your username and temporary password.

The first time you login, we ask you to choose a new and final password to replace the temporary one. You can now download two documents:

  • your personalized Trademark Agent contract. Please print and sign this and then upload it again.
  • the pro-forma invoice, listing all the payment details needed for your wire transfer of the prepayment deposit. The minimum prepayment deposit is 15.000 USD for Gold Agent and 5.000 USD for Silver Agent and can be entirely used for recording trademarks. NOTE: this is not a subscription fee but a preypament, Gold Agents can have the remainder of the amount reimbursed should the contract be terminated.

Once we’ve received the signed contract as well as the prepayment deposit, you’re ready to start submitting trademark records on behalf of your clients