How can the holders I represent automatically receive notifications generated by the TMCH?





The Trademark Clearinghouse can forward NORN (sunrise and claims) and ongoing notifications directly to the e-mail address of the holder in the mark record.This service can be activated when submitting the mark record or later on by navigating to the mark record via the Mark tab and activating the service in the services section.

To activate the service a one time fee of $10 will be charged to your account, the service can be deactivated or re-activated without added cost, for the duration that the mark record is protected within the TMCH. The notification will be sent to the holder e-mail address at the same time the notifications are sent to the Trademark Agent e-mail address, but will be filtered based on the mark name for which the service was activated.

Please note that this service can not be activated with accounts that have enabled the API, you will first need to disable the API via the "My Account" interface.

For detailed information on how to activate this service please refer to the howto on the subject.


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