How do I manage Trademark Renewal?

All Trademark Records in TMCH are subject to annual revalidation. In case the Trademark Record was registered for a single year or the multi-year registration has come to an end, the Trademark Holder or Trademark Agent receives 2 e-mail notifications: one 60 days before the expiration date and one 30 days before expiration and 10 days after the expiration date. This is independent whether the registrations were performed through the web or through the automated interface.

Upon renewal, Trademark Holders or Trademark Agents will be able to change the duration of the consecutive Registration Period for Trademark Records.

Upon submission of the Trademark Records to be renewed, the Trademark Holder’s or Trademark Agent’s Prepayment Account is checked to see if sufficient funds are available to renew the selected Trademark Records. In case no sufficient funds are available to renew all selected Trademark Records, Trademark Records are renewed in a serial way until the Prepayment Account no longer has sufficient funds to renew the next Trademark Records. The Trademark Holder or Trademark Agent is advised to increase its Prepayment Account.


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