As a trademark holder, how can I edit my contract information (e.g. company name or address)?

As a trademark holder, your contract information is automatically copied to all your trademark records. Therefore, TMCH has to change the status of all your verified trademark records to "incorrect" and your invalid trademark records to "deactivated", to enable you to change the name or address of the Trademark Holder. You can request these status changes by creating a ticket in our dedicated Customer Support System, either by clicking on "GET SUPPORT" on the TMCH interface or by sending an email to support[at]trademark-clearinghouse[dot]com. Once these changes in status have been executed, you can change the contract information within a maximum of 35 days via "My account" > "Edit Contract Details". Then, please re-submit all trademark records for verification once you have made the necessary updates in your account.

Note that this action will lead to the revocation of your current SMD files. Once the process has been completed as indicated above, and the records have the "verified" status, the SMD files will be automatically regenerated.

You can find an overview of these steps in our manual.



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