Frequently Asked Questions - trademark claims services

You should then determine what the most appropriate steps are to take depending on your intellectual property strategy. You can, for instance, contact your lawyer in order to determine if the mentioned website is indeed infringing your rights and if so, whether you should file a UDRP case or a URS case. WIPO offers an overview of all the Right Protection Mechanisms linked to the New gTLD Program.

No, potential domain name registrants will not receive a claims notice when attempting to register a domain name that matches the name of a trademark recorded in the Clearinghouse during the Ongoing Notifications period. That warning notice will only be sent out during the original Trademark Claims Period. However, you as a trademark holder will be notified when the domain name is registered in a New gTLD.

This service will be made available as from the April 2014, when the first gTLD ends its mandatory claims services of 90 days.

Whenever someone has activated a domain name in a new gTLD that exactly matches a term that is recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse, the trademark holder will receive an e-mail informing him of this domain name activation, so he can take the necessary steps. It comes at no additional cost. The service is non-mandatory, leaving each trademark holder or agent to decide whether they wish to activate it. It lasts during the duration of their trademark record registration with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

Following the 90 day Trademark Claims Period for each new gTLD, the Clearinghouse offers an Ongoing Notifications Service. Trademark holders will be notified indefinitely whenever someone has activated a domain name in a new gTLD that exactly matches a trademark recorded in the Clearinghouse, beyond the original 90 day period. Note that indefinitely means for the period (1 year, 3 years or 5 years) the trademark record is registered for.

Trademark Claims services will be provided for a 90 day period as of general availability when a TLD launches.

The Clearinghouse will notify the Trademark Holder or the Trademark Agent when a third party registers a domain name that is identical to their trademark recorded in the Clearinghouse.

You will receive a Trademark Claims notification as of the registration of a domain name matching your trademark record, not one that is similar. You will not receive a notification if the domain name applicant decides not to pursue with his/her request to register a domain name matching your trademark record after he/she has receive a notification informing him/her of the existence of your Clearinghouse trademark record.

Yes, once the account has been created and approved. An agent can list multiple e-mail addresses that can receive different kinds of notifications. You can find this option under "My Profile/My account.