Frequently Asked Questions - mark record verification

This message has been sent to you to draw your attention to the fact that one of your trademark has been marked as incorrect. In order to find out why your trademark was marked incorrect, please go to your account first. You then need to click on your mark in the mark tab. The reason why your mark was marked as incorrect can be found in the field "COMMENT" in the bottom of the page. If you wish to correct your trademark record you can find how to do this on our website.

Yes, the trademark clearinghouse accepts trademarks consisting out of multiple scripts. However, please check with the applicable registry first as not all registries will accept a domain name consisting out of mixed scripts.

The reason why you cannot correct the mark is likely because this mark has been marked as “invalid”. Indeed the correction process entitles you to correct or modify any information that was included in the original submission of such trademark record to the Clearinghouse for the first time after the verification agent has completed the verification services on the trademark record.  The correction process is however limited to one correction attempt per trademark record submission. If you fail to use this chance to correct your trademark record, the trademark record is then on invalid. If your record has been set to invalid but you still want to have this trademark record included in the Clearinghouse, you can always submit a new trademark record and pay again the related fees.

Your trademark could also still be under validation. This is indicated by the status “new”. In this case you will have to wait until the end of the verification process. The mark can then receive the status (1) verified which means that no further action will be requested from you (unless the proof of use is on incorrect), (2) incorrect which means that you will then be able to correct it and (3) invalid which means that you have already used your chance to correct it and are no longer able to correct it.

You need to submit the record in the name of the new name  along with documentary evidence showing the change of name.

You need to first consult the new dot rule in the Clearinghouse Guidelines. If your trademark falls within the new dot rule requirements, you can send a service request to the customer support to re-correct the mark. For more information on creating a service request, please consult the Help Section/quick references.

As soon as your mark record is set on incorrect, you will be provided with a comment stating why your mark record was marked as incorrect. You can find this comment field by clicking on the mark and scrolling down. You will need to correct the mark record accordingly.

There are three types of trademarks accepted in the Clearinghouse, and depending on the type of the mark and the country of protection we will do a check against the online databases or perform an in-depth analysis. Find out more about the verification process in the Clearinghouse Guidelines available in our Download section.

This depends of the number of verifications requested at the time your trademark record is submitted and of whether all provided information is correct. Please note that it can take up to 15 days to have your mark record verified and another 10 days to verify your proof of use.

If you register a Trademark Record for a period of three (3) or five (5) years, it will be re-verified annually. In the event that the provided information is incorrect or no longer up-to-date a notification will be sent out to the Trademark Holder or Trademark Agent.