Blocking Mechanisms for TMCH-clients (DPML)

Recording your marks in the Trademark Clearinghouse is the essential first step you need to take to protect your brands in the new gTLD universe.

Once your records have been verified and recorded in the TMCH-database you will benefit from different services such as the Claims Notification Service or the Sunrise Service. The latter allows you to benefit from priority registration services offered by domain name registries so to register your trademarked name in any new gTLD ahead of wider public availibility if you choose to do so.


There are two main motivations for why brand owners opt for a Sunrise registration:
1. Innovative Registrations: Registering a domain to take advantage of the marketing opportunities in a particular TLD e.g. your local offering or variant in a goegraphic TLD such as .Sydney, .Madrid or .Miami, your brand in a category TLD such as .watches
2. Defensive Registrations: Defending (blocking) a particular brand or service from use in by a third party (with infringing or non-infringing intentions)

As hundreds of new gTLD's are launching, managing defensive registrations can become burdensome and that is why 3rd party service providers are offering so-called blocking mechanisms allowing you to block a multitude of domain extensions at a lower fee than the total of multuiple Sunrise Registrations.


Each blocking mechanism is operated by a specific Registry Operator and covers their TLD or TLDs (some Registry Operators operate tens or even hundreds of new gTLDs).

This page covers the different services that are available and are supported by records in the Trademark Clearinghouse.


Please bear mind that these services:
- require a VAILD SMD FILE; issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse
- are sold by Registrars and not the Registry themselves
- apply to specific Registry Operators and their TLDs
- may contain override mechanisms or exemptions, so you need to be well informed of the limitations


If you have any questions, contact your preferred registrar for more information.

MPML stands for Minds + Machines’ Protected Marks List. MPML offers brand owners the opportunity to protect their Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”)-registered trademarks by blocking those names, or such a variations as described herein, across the majority of current and future top-level domains (“TLDs”) for which Minds + Machines (M+M) operates as the official registry (i.e., signed the registry agreement with ICANN).

MPML offers TMCH rights holders the ability to block their names against cybersquatting in a cost-effective manner. More info on:


Rightside Domain Protected Marks List (DMPL) protects trademark holders who have validated marks by blocking their trademark on every current and future Rightside™ TLD. It’s the efficient, cost effective way to protect your trademark, without the need to defensively register domains. DPML registration can apply to an exact trademark name, a variation on a trademark or a trademark + linked term. You can register a DPML for up to 10 years at a time with our multi-year option.

With a DPML registration, you can still register a domain name in a Rightside TLD at a later stage. Our override feature can convert the DPML blocked trademark into an active domain in most cases.

DPMLs are easy to get, with one single registration through your registrar. If you’d like to know more, we’ve created a dedicated area on our website with everything you need on DMPL, including a handy FAQ that outlines all of the advantages, processes and terms of service. You can find it at



Trademark holders can block their trademark from being registered at the second level across all Donuts TLDs.

Domains Protected Marks List (or “DPML“) provides the essential service of protecting trademark holders against cybersquatting at a fraction of the cost of defensively and individually registering the terms across all Donuts TLDs.

The earlier a DPML block is purchased, the more useful it will be since a DPML block does not retroactively rescind third party registration in any TLD launched prior to inclusion on the DPML (although DPML subscribers will be able to block any names not already registered in those TLDs).  We therefore recommend customers secure their place on the DPML prior to the launch of the first Donuts TLD, ensuring complete coverage across all Donuts TLDs.

Please contact your Donuts accredited registrar to discuss this opportunity and request further information.

Take a look at the DPML Overview and the DPML FAQ.