New Internet Domains: What you need to know.

These pages and links are designed to guide and educate you as quickly as possible through the New gTLD Program.


The new gTLD program is an expansion of the Internet Infrastructure.

Going from a few internet extensions - such as .com, .net, .de,… - to over a thousand.
These have been launching since the end of 2013 and will continue to do so over the coming months.
Find out here which extensions are launching and when; or find more information on launch planning.


The New gTLD program brings a lot innovation such as extensions in non-latin script or those referring to geographical locations. However, there are also challenges involved regarding the protection of Intellectual Property. For this reason a set of Right Protection Mechanisms were designed to give brand owners additional rights to secure their protected marks of which the Trademark Clearinghouse is the first in line.

As a brand owner it is important to familiarize yourself with the program and which TLD’s are launching, to educate yourself on the different tactics (defensive registrations, monitoring, blocking…) and to create your own strategy.
Whichever strategy you decide on; registering your mark in the TMCH is the essential first step.


We highly recommend doing this in collaboration with one of our agents.
They can provide you with in-depth knowledge and experience of the new gTLD Program and will help you devise an overall strategy for your mark portfolio.

Should you wish to complete the registration process without an agent, please follow the HOW TO procedures.
For any additional questions, please consult our support page.