.MOSCOW Priority-Registration for Trademark Holders

Trademark owners get first priority in registration in .MOSCOW and .MOCKBA.


HERE is a list of official TMCH agents who also finalize your .MOSCOW domain registration.
We highly recommend working with these agents as they offer a simple one-stop-registration process.






Getting your domain name registered as first priority is a simple 3-step process:

STEP 1: Get your Trademarks validated

To access the exclusive priority-registration period, your trademark information needs to be validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse. You need to register in the Clearinghouse (click here) and then you can submit your trademark for verification.

  - Fill out a form detailing your trademark information (such as the registration date and number)
  - Upload proof that you are using the trademark.
    This could be a brochure, screenshot of your website or other marketing material
  - Sign a declaration that you are using the trademark

If you require assistance with this process, over 180 official Clearinghouse agents are at your disposal. You can find an agent by any language of service via: http://agents.clearinghouse.org



STEP 2: Download your authentication key

When your trademark information and proof of use documents have been successfully verified you need to download the SMD-file from the secure Clearinghouse web-portal.

That Signed Mark Data file is a unique key which authenticates your trademark information when completing your priority-registration.




STEP 3: Use your authentication key to register your domain name

You are now authorized to register your .NYC domain before it opens to the general public.
Contact your preferred domain name registrar with your SMD-file and he can easily complete the registration for the domain name that matches your trademark.





Should you require any assistance during these steps, please consider the following options:

- read the HOW TO manuals which guide you through the process
- check your issue with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
- contact an official Clearinghouse Agent for specialized support