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  1. Set up additional email notifications

    ... Notifications: Sunrise notifications; Claims notifications; Ongoing notifications. Status Changes: A ... Your mark record will expire soon; Your trademark will expire soon; Your Proof Of Use will expire soon. SMD ...

  2. I am registrar and have technical questions relation to the SMD revocation list or the trademark claims notification?

    Please submit your question to IBM via the IBM support tool:

  3. NEW TMCH Sunrise Calendar

    ...   TAIPEI is now accepting Priority Registration for Trademark Holders during its Sunrise Period. During the webinar of Tuesday ... 4 main categories: Awaiting or Active Sunrise; Claims or Ongoing Notifications color codes & buttons per category ...

  4. 등록에 따르는 이점

    ... gTLD 레지스트리 및 트레이드마크 클레임즈(Claims) 서비스와 함께 선라이즈( Sunrise ) 등록 내용을 ... 경고합니다.   서비스 내용: Trademark Clearinghouse에 등록된 상표명에 상응하는 ...