Frequently Asked Questions - support

To reset your password you only need the e-mail address you used to register your account.

Click "I forgot my password" on webpage : and follow the password reset process.

For a detailed guide on how to reset your password please read the How To Reset manual.


You should then determine what the most appropriate steps are to take depending on your intellectual property strategy. You can, for instance, contact your lawyer in order to determine if the mentioned website is indeed infringing your rights and if so, whether you should file a UDRP case or a URS case. WIPO offers an overview of all the Right Protection Mechanisms linked to the New gTLD Program.

You should first verify that labels are attached to your trademark record. If it is not the case you should add them by following the guidance provided here and download again the new SMD file after this. If labels are attached to your trademark, you should try to toggle off and toggle on again the sunrise services and download again the SMD file. If the problem persists, you can always submit a ticket in our customer support tool.

The reason why you cannot correct the mark is likely because this mark has been marked as “invalid”. Indeed the correction process entitles you to correct or modify any information that was included in the original submission of such trademark record to the Clearinghouse for the first time after the verification agent has completed the verification services on the trademark record.  The correction process is however limited to one correction attempt per trademark record submission. If you fail to use this chance to correct your trademark record, the trademark record is then on invalid. If your record has been set to invalid but you still want to have this trademark record included in the Clearinghouse, you can always submit a new trademark record and pay again the related fees.

Your trademark could also still be under validation. This is indicated by the status “new”. In this case you will have to wait until the end of the verification process. The mark can then receive the status (1) verified which means that no further action will be requested from you (unless the proof of use is on incorrect), (2) incorrect which means that you will then be able to correct it and (3) invalid which means that you have already used your chance to correct it and are no longer able to correct it.

The expected response time will vary depending on the number of customer support tickets submitted at the same time and the type and the gravity of issue submitted. It can take up to 10 days.

If you are registered with the Clearinghouse as a trademark holder and your mark record has been verified you need to contact the support desk in order to edit the address. Once a ticket has been created, one of agents will then put the mark record on incorrect so that you can edit the mark record. Please note that this means that we will need to re-verify the information again and your SMD file when no longer be available. A new SMD file will provided to you upon re-verification.


  • You can submit your query through the general inquiries contact form.
  • Alternatively Trademark Clearinghouse support can also be reached by phone during Belgian business days from 8AM to 5PM UTC at +32.26394870. Please note that should your question not be of a technical nature you will be redirected to general inquiries by our customer support team.
  • If you have registered as a user but are awaiting the SDN check, we kindly ask you to keep in mind that this can take up to 48 hours.

If you already registered as a user, please contact our support service using the Clearinghouse web interface. If you aren't a registered user yet, please use the contact form on our web site.