Frequently Asked Questions - billing

All prices are in USD. All payments, either by credit card or wire transfer, should be done in USD. In case wire transfers are send to our bank accounts in another currency, this will be converted to USD at the expense of the sender.

CHIP S.A. is subject to the Luxembourg VAT regulations. We therefore have to charge VAT:

  • the Trademark Holder or Trademark Agent’s registered country of residence is within the European Union and the Trademark Holder or Trademark Agent has indicated that it is not VAT-liable, i.e. did not provide a valid VAT-number;
  • the Trademark Holder or Trademark Agent’s registered country of residence is Luxemburg.

Trademark Holders using the Basic Account can pay using VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

The Clearinghouse only accepts payments by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Amex) from Trademark Holders. Trademark Agents or Trademark Holders who have registered for a Prepayment account pay by wire transfer.

All customer data are handled and stored on an SSL platform, secured by encryption and authentication technology. The platform is Card Industry Compliant (PCI DSS compliant), awarded by Visa, MasterCard and TDC by American Express, which demand the strictest control of financial data being held, processed and transferred. SHA-1 encryption secures the shopping data you transfer to our platform.

We are limited to billing and accepting payments in USD only.

Trademark Holders using their credit card will be able to record multiple trademarks, but they will be limited to 10 trademark registrations including the multiple domain name labels per payment transaction.

After payment is done via a credit card Ogone needs to process this payment, this process usually takes under a minute.

After the Clearinghouse application has received the payment confirmation from Ogone the mark will be added to your Mark Overview.

The fee the Clearinghouse charges, is for recording your trademark in the TMCH. If you wish to participate in a Sunrise of a TLD, there will likely be an additional cost to actually register your domain name in that TLD. This cost is not determined by the Clearinghouse but  depends on the commercial model of the specific TLD. The Clearinghouse can not register actual domain names, you will need to contact a domain name registrar.

Since you will be charged per trademark record you submitted regardless of the final decision taken by the verification agents of the Clearinghouse, you will be charged even if your trademark record is deemed invalid.

You will have the possibility to correct errors free of charge one time. You will be notified by the verification agents of the Clearinghouse should the information you submitted be incorrect. You can provide a correction within a time limit of thirty-five (35) calendar days. Only if the information is still incorrect after this first correction, or if you have failed to correct the information within thirty-five (35) calendar days, your trademark record will be invalidated.

The TMCH interface will allow you to register up to 10 trademarks in a single transaction. An invoice will be generated per transaction. If you want to split registrations over multiple transactions, you will need to adjust the number of registrations that you are making within a single transaction.

The first 10 domain name labels, generated using the matching rules, are included in the price of the registration. The fee for each additional domain name label (above 10) that a Trademark Holder chooses to link to a Trademark Record, varies based on the duration of the registration. For a 1-Year registration, the price is $1, for a 3-Year registration $3 and for a 5-Year registration $5.

The discount fee structure is available to Trademark Holders and Trademark Agents, and provides for step-based pricing discounts based on volume and the number of years that the Trademark is being registered for.  In order to be eligible for the Advanced Fee Structure, Trademark Holders and Trademark Agents must establish a Prepayment Account.

There are no extra fees for opting in or out of Sunrise services or trademark Claims notifications.

All transaction and potential currency conversion costs associated with the wire transfer will be borne by the Trademark Agent or Holder, as applicable. In case the amount received by Trademark Clearinghouse is different from the amount specified on the pro-forma invoice, i.e. because of transaction costs (e.g. all costs related to any transaction, meaning wire transfer costs and/or costs related to the conversion from another currency to USD) charged to the Trademark Clearinghouse, the “advance payment invoice” will mention the amount that was actually received by the Trademark Clearinghouse. The invoice will mention the transaction costs that were applied on the wire transfer.