Benefits of renewing your mark in the Clearinghouse:

Still over 100 TLD's have to launch their Sunrise. 
Any gTLD that more than one applicant was labeled as contested and couldn't proceed with through the launch process until these contention sets were settled. The more appealing a specific gTLD was, the more applicants it drew pushing the more attractive gTLD's to the end of the program. 
Amongst the gTLD's that still have to launch are: .web, .app, .new, .buy, .art, .hotel, .health, .music, .free, .sport, ...

Until the launch plans have been confirmed by ICANN it is unclear to tell when these gTLD's will launch and with what pricing or eligibility requirements.

Ongoing Notifications
ICANN designed the Claims Notification to give notice to the registrant (prior to registration) and the trademark holder (after the registration) when a registrant applies to register a name matching a mark in the Clearinghouse. The Claims Notification applies for all New gTLDs and runs until 90 days in General Availability. The Clearinghouse designed the Ongoing Notifications to continue to notify the trademark holder indefinitely beyond the 90 day limit. This means you will still be notified when all the Sunrise Periods have launched. 

Additional Services
An active mark in the Clearinghouse gives you access to some additional services such as:
- Variations for Ongoing Notifications: get notified when somebody registers a variation of your mark
- Blocking services such as DPML