Introducing BrandPulse

The new TMCH Monitoring Service

The new Trademark Clearinghouse Service monitors global online queries (web, e-mail, …) for trademark related activity.

BrandPulse identifies domain names that are similar to trademarks based on proprietary matching technology.  BrandPulse monitors domain name registrations in the 22 established generic TLDs (such as, .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO), all country code TLDs (such as, .DE, .UK, .US), and new gTLDs (such as, .NYC, .MUSIC, .CLUB) as they are being deployed online.

Covering the whole internet: new gTLD’s, ccTLD’s, legacy TLD’s, …
Monitoring all mark variations: exact matches, string contained, similar, …

BrandPulse report

BrandPulse in detail

With the recent introduction of hundreds of new domain-name extensions, tens of thousands of new domain names are registered every day. Trademark owners need a tool to monitor those registrations and immediately identify potential abuses.
The new TMCH service empowers trademark rights owners to protect their intellectual property by identifying domain names registered by others that are confusingly similar to existing trademarks.  

By applying its unprecedented access to real-time data, BrandPulse will enable Trademark Holders to have an immediate threat identification unique in Reach, Depth and Relevance.


BrandPulse offers visibility into the entire Domain Name System, including new generic top-level domains, established top level domains, and country code top level domains.      
This is the broadest view of the domain name system available today.


BrandPulse looks for both similarity and dissimilarity between domain names and trademarks, inspecting the individual characters and the entire character strings.  But where most matching systems miss typos, misspellings, and near matches, we analyze multiple data sources applying our Exact, Substring and Similar matching technologies to rank the strength of how closely the domain names match your trademark.


BrandPulse’s data collection techniques also measure actual use in DNS queries (not just the degree of similarity), so that the relevance score increases as the frequency of actual use increases. By establishing “low”, “medium” or “high” relevance scores where relevance is determined we manage to provide an effective monitoring tool.


The BrandPulse service offers you a continuous protection for your marks as it is aligned to your legal trademark rights, not domain name industry mechanisms. You register the trademarks you want to watch and BrandPulse provides you with daily reports on those strings.